I've spent years acquiring and modifying gear that helps accomplish the mastering process with the utmost musicality. Each of these wonderful tools helps me to realize the sound I'm going for to bring out the best in your mix:

-JCF DA (all discreet circuitry with or without transformer blanced output) sometimes used in combination with a Benchmark DAC.
-JCF Tube DA (discreet cicuitry with tube gain stage)
- DB Tech 122MK II Gold AD (same as Lavery Gold)
- Sontec EQ (vintage)
- Manley Massive Passive tube EQ
- Mercury EQ-H tube eq's (original hand made point to point wired units) -Pultec style EQ's
- Altec 9061 (sometimes called Langevin 251) vintage inductor EQ's
- Pendulum Audio 6386 vari mu compresser
- Vintage Manley Vari mu with custom transformers, high pass sidechain mod and vintage 6386 tubes.
- Chandler Limited TG-1 EMI Mastering Edition Limiter
- Neve Portico 5042 tape simulator
- Empirical Labs Fatso
- Ampex MM1200 tape machine (for when you want your mixes to hit tape).
- Lexicon 480L
- Plextor CDR


I have also spent years scrutinizing the signal path and doing blind listening tests wherever possible in order to squeeze out the the best fidelity of the system. The results can be seen in everything from our electrical system to our gold plated patch cables.

Electrical System:
Good sound starts with clean power and grounding. We use a military grade Staco 8kva computer controlled motorized variac that maintains constant voltage with 0% distortion. Further, the studio is fed by an Equitech Balanced Power Transformer with thick guage (10g, 12g) JPS electric wire, dedicated ground and all contacts in the duplexes and plugs have been silver plated. It makes an audible improvement.

Audio Wiring:
Our facility is wired with Mogami snakes. In many cases we use the Mogami Digital 110ohm AES snakes as they have better specs (lower capacitance) and therefore are better for analog audio. Critical digital lines are hand made custom cables. Connectors are all silver plated.

Mastering Console